I’m back!

I have been absent for a while. Too busy to write? Or not busy enough? Maybe bad priorities. Who knows? Lots has happened in my recent life and much is currently happening: shifting employment situation; probably relocation: potentially to another country, at the very least – to a major city in the Midwest; though my closest loved ones are always close, my birth loved ones (mother, sister, etc.) are farther extended than ever: this will further complicate grandparent visits for my daughters; three business trips to other countries; and the family dog has been near death for several weeks. And there is more. But those are the details that matter. Too much. And not enough. And somewhere in-between. That is how it has felt of lately. But here to catching up! – Cheers! 


Somehow, I Amplified For It

Rambling through the veritable forest of Google results, I tracked down the elusive grammar answer: thanks to the Blah Blah Blog. This blog is both a Hyperion and Lycopod of the English Language.  In said blog wood is an illustrated entry titled, “I wish all people were this enthusiastic about reading“. The comic uses ‘enthusiastic’ in a manner I can only describe as, “as it should be”. Because stories free the mind, liberate the soul, capture an eternity, and frame reality. A child nourished in body and not in mind is already left to die. My love affair with reading began here, at the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library. This was one of four public libraries built in Arkansas with funds from Andrew Carnegie. I know! I know! History is not universally kind to Carnegie. Yet, he opposed amassing wealth and gave most of his money to establish libraries, schools, and universities. Quite a guy. The second richest ever. To him I owe the many hours slowly trolling literary archipelagos, finger running along book spines as I eyed titles for likely candidates. From such meandering comes my ecumenical interests in subject matters and, to no small extent, my low threshold for un-stimulating mental activity. Thanks to iBooks, NPR, preferred blogs and Half-Priced books – so many mediums to read! – I continue to indulge in morphological lust. J.R.R. Tolkien, Theodore H. White, James A. Michener, James Clavell, Isaac Asimov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, William L. Shirer: still alive in my mind, my heart; their voices elucidate meaning, a sap that runs through my veins and exudes through my verbal pores. The coalition integrates new minions, not one gives way; all contribute to the whole; and somehow, I amplified for it.

Cool Kid

I am the cool kid: run the lay-up, the net sighs cathartic, like a movement.
I am the cool kid: keyboard purrs at my touch, a sprite from finger to eternity.
I am the cool kid: dream in day, space/time alternate in eddies
I am the cool kid: smile for all mothers, knock ’em dead, future and past
I am the cool kid: enumerate the universe; construct, order, rigidity
I am the cool kid: love to love to love to love to love you
I am the cool kid: love to love to love to love you to love me
I am the cool kid: and I am scared
I am the cool kid: and I am alone
I am the cool kid: make me safe
I am the cool kid: make me innocent
I am the cool kid: make me whole
I am the cool kid: you


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I thought that black holes reside at the center of galaxies? -But wow! A galaxy can host a black hole, merge it into another, and then kick it back out at “enormous speed”. By enormous speed the article means 3 million miles an hour! How big must an object be for me to register that it passed me at that speed? Would I even be aware of its movement?

The universe is such a wonder. Bigger and grander than any book or earthly-created mental gyration can encompass. We peer out from our feeble perch in the Solar System, glass lenses pointed outward, radio noise leaking out of our atmosphere, hoping that the woodcutter will step in cut us out of any alien wolf that has us for dinner. In our ignorance, do we too loudly proclaim our existence? Should we shush and hide behind a galactic tree? Or, do we ‘high five’ any new found friends and try to be on our best behavior?

My open question is as follows: will the human species stay alive long enough to get out there, where the black holes reside? I so wish I could launch out and see that galaxy up close. If/when we bring the ecosystem to its knees and nature snuffs us out with a few thousand years of global ice, oxygen deprivation, and disease, what will follow? Maybe the Old Man in the Middle will experiment again will our cold-blooded brothers (though rumor has it they farted too much). Better yet, insectohumans! We can be the stuff of sci-fi horror movies!

Or, in the mean time, we can pretend we are the center of our universe and teach our children to stick their heads in the sand of religious babble and fear mongering. Absolutely guaranteed self-destruction.

News Worth Reporting

ImageHe Was Being Private! Gee! -Who would have thought? Anderson Cooper did not feel the need to report to the random people of the public the consistency or color of his bowl movements, how often he suffers from athlete’s foot (though you can bet he has his episodes, considering the places he travels), and with whom he has sex. “Privacy on the other hand is extended to areas of our lives that we don’t necessarily see as shameful, but which we don’t think benefit from widespread exposure. (What you’re up to in the bathroom is more private than it is secret.) The problem for Cooper is that what he wanted to keep private became a secret (if an open one) because of the pressure on him to disclose.” Thus says Kashmir Hill of Forbes.

Private is private! Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler’s mother and former lover – at different times, she clarifies – of both David Bowie and Mick Jagger) says, “I hate having to answer to all of this crap! A person’s sexuality is their own right and business…” Dating two of the world’s most famous rock stars is a good way to loose some privacy. The particulars of her sex life – unless she chooses to discuss them with a willing audience – with them is not our business.

Oh pathetic America, that you even care! I do not care! These are things that do not matter. Anderson Cooper is an awesome reporter of demonstrated integrity and courage. That is all that matters to us. That is all that should matter to us. Same-sex unions are here, always have been, and always will be.

It is as simple as Facebook founder Chris Hughes, who married his longtime boyfriend. He was the other Facebook founder to get married: a simple announcement. Congrats! -Hope you are happy. Enjoy some marital benefits.

As Ewan Spence wrote, “I Hope That One Day Announcements Like Anderson Cooper’s Will Not Be News”. Now that will be news worth reporting.


And Such A Gift

My daughter made the bejeweled stepping stone in this picture. Such a humble device! – made from cement, decorative spangles, and so very, very much sweet love. The kind of love only a 5-year old can pour into a present. She made it expressly for my garden. So sweet. She knew in that instinctive way little girls know that it would also bejewel my heart. And now my camera. Daddy is such a sap for his little girls! 🙂 I think it goes great in my little front yard jungle. At first I wanted keep it safe from the rain or sun or any damage; from being stepped on. I would happily haul it from place to place for the rest of my life. She was disappointed. So sad. I missed the point: like all things of worth in life, a gift is only fulfilled in its purpose. See how it adorns my garden. Her purpose was to give to this part of my life. And such a gift! She smiles.


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