I thought that black holes reside at the center of galaxies? -But wow! A galaxy can host a black hole, merge it into another, and then kick it back out at “enormous speed”. By enormous speed the article means 3 million miles an hour! How big must an object be for me to register that it passed me at that speed? Would I even be aware of its movement?

The universe is such a wonder. Bigger and grander than any book or earthly-created mental gyration can encompass. We peer out from our feeble perch in the Solar System, glass lenses pointed outward, radio noise leaking out of our atmosphere, hoping that the woodcutter will step in cut us out of any alien wolf that has us for dinner. In our ignorance, do we too loudly proclaim our existence? Should we shush and hide behind a galactic tree? Or, do we ‘high five’ any new found friends and try to be on our best behavior?

My open question is as follows: will the human species stay alive long enough to get out there, where the black holes reside? I so wish I could launch out and see that galaxy up close. If/when we bring the ecosystem to its knees and nature snuffs us out with a few thousand years of global ice, oxygen deprivation, and disease, what will follow? Maybe the Old Man in the Middle will experiment again will our cold-blooded brothers (though rumor has it they farted too much). Better yet, insectohumans! We can be the stuff of sci-fi horror movies!

Or, in the mean time, we can pretend we are the center of our universe and teach our children to stick their heads in the sand of religious babble and fear mongering. Absolutely guaranteed self-destruction.

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