And Such A Gift

My daughter made the bejeweled stepping stone in this picture. Such a humble device! – made from cement, decorative spangles, and so very, very much sweet love. The kind of love only a 5-year old can pour into a present. She made it expressly for my garden. So sweet. She knew in that instinctive way little girls know that it would also bejewel my heart. And now my camera. Daddy is such a sap for his little girls! 🙂 I think it goes great in my little front yard jungle. At first I wanted keep it safe from the rain or sun or any damage; from being stepped on. I would happily haul it from place to place for the rest of my life. She was disappointed. So sad. I missed the point: like all things of worth in life, a gift is only fulfilled in its purpose. See how it adorns my garden. Her purpose was to give to this part of my life. And such a gift! She smiles.


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One thought on “And Such A Gift

  1. Your daughter is quite the artist. And she is removing your protective bubble and turning you into an empathy sponge.

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