Somehow, I Amplified For It

Rambling through the veritable forest of Google results, I tracked down the elusive grammar answer: thanks to the Blah Blah Blog. This blog is both a Hyperion and Lycopod of the English Language.  In said blog wood is an illustrated entry titled, “I wish all people were this enthusiastic about reading“. The comic uses ‘enthusiastic’ in a manner I can only describe as, “as it should be”. Because stories free the mind, liberate the soul, capture an eternity, and frame reality. A child nourished in body and not in mind is already left to die. My love affair with reading began here, at the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library. This was one of four public libraries built in Arkansas with funds from Andrew Carnegie. I know! I know! History is not universally kind to Carnegie. Yet, he opposed amassing wealth and gave most of his money to establish libraries, schools, and universities. Quite a guy. The second richest ever. To him I owe the many hours slowly trolling literary archipelagos, finger running along book spines as I eyed titles for likely candidates. From such meandering comes my ecumenical interests in subject matters and, to no small extent, my low threshold for un-stimulating mental activity. Thanks to iBooks, NPR, preferred blogs and Half-Priced books – so many mediums to read! – I continue to indulge in morphological lust. J.R.R. Tolkien, Theodore H. White, James A. Michener, James Clavell, Isaac Asimov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, William L. Shirer: still alive in my mind, my heart; their voices elucidate meaning, a sap that runs through my veins and exudes through my verbal pores. The coalition integrates new minions, not one gives way; all contribute to the whole; and somehow, I amplified for it.

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