News Worth Reporting

ImageHe Was Being Private! Gee! -Who would have thought? Anderson Cooper did not feel the need to report to the random people of the public the consistency or color of his bowl movements, how often he suffers from athlete’s foot (though you can bet he has his episodes, considering the places he travels), and with whom he has sex. “Privacy on the other hand is extended to areas of our lives that we don’t necessarily see as shameful, but which we don’t think benefit from widespread exposure. (What you’re up to in the bathroom is more private than it is secret.) The problem for Cooper is that what he wanted to keep private became a secret (if an open one) because of the pressure on him to disclose.” Thus says Kashmir Hill of Forbes.

Private is private! Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler’s mother and former lover – at different times, she clarifies – of both David Bowie and Mick Jagger) says, “I hate having to answer to all of this crap! A person’s sexuality is their own right and business…” Dating two of the world’s most famous rock stars is a good way to loose some privacy. The particulars of her sex life – unless she chooses to discuss them with a willing audience – with them is not our business.

Oh pathetic America, that you even care! I do not care! These are things that do not matter. Anderson Cooper is an awesome reporter of demonstrated integrity and courage. That is all that matters to us. That is all that should matter to us. Same-sex unions are here, always have been, and always will be.

It is as simple as Facebook founder Chris Hughes, who married his longtime boyfriend. He was the other Facebook founder to get married: a simple announcement. Congrats! -Hope you are happy. Enjoy some marital benefits.

As Ewan Spence wrote, “I Hope That One Day Announcements Like Anderson Cooper’s Will Not Be News”. Now that will be news worth reporting.


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